The Bee Bop Beginnings


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Bee Bop Buddies was created by  Stacey Lorea & Mattie Mingst out of love and dedication for  what they do best.  In 1998, at special place for children and adults with disabilites, Stacey & Mattie met and created the original Expressive Arts &  Bee Bop Buddies programs to inspire creativity without limitations.

Bee Bop Buddies enocurages  students to imagine, create, and express themselves  while building self-esteem, social skills, communication, and coordination through the arts.​  Specialized arts instructors serve all abilities in the arts using music, sensory & educational tools, story time, and visual arts to reach the whole child no matter what their ability!

 Building buddies with a bee bop is all part of the fun! 
“We love what we do, and it shows in all the smiles we get in return!”

All instructors are specifically trained to work with children of all abilities and have backgrounds in art, music, expressive arts, and special education. Sessions are uniquely individualized and provide opportunities for your student to reach goals within an interactive creative and fun arts environment.
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Arts Instructors
Mattie Mingst, CMT Co-Founder
Stacey Lorea Co-Founder
Mattie is a Certified Music Therapist with over 25 years experience working with children and adults with disabilities to enhance lives through the arts.

She has been involved with the development and advocacy of expressive arts, music therapy, and special education programs for individuals with disabilities in the arts around the country and Australia. She has created art programs for people with disabilities producing award winning visual arts exhibitions, grants, and performing arts productions across the state of Florida.  She was also involved with special education as a music & drama teacher at a public charter school that serves students with disabilities.

Mattie has two boys, Ben & Matthew with her husband in the Tampa Bay Area. In 2010 Mathew was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Today he is in typical schools enjoying music, art, and having fun!

Over the years she struggled to find outlets and services to meet his sensory and behavioral needs and brought her talent and strengths to advocate for the arts for special populations. She has a strong understanding of what it takes to reach realistic goals and how to meet them through creative activities and she strives to support those to express themselves in the arts for all ages and abilities.
Stacey began her music and creative career in Bs. As., Argentina. She studied Theater with an International Drama Company and at the National School of Dramatic Arts, Argentina.  She became a professional performer with a focus on Musical Theater. In the year 1996, she moved to Florida were she soon began to use her passion by teaching drama to young children and working in South Florida for the Expressive Arts Department, providing art, music and performance to adults and children with Developmental Disabilities. 
To add to her multifaceted range of talents, she also co- founded Creative Studio Five; a Graphic Design and Marketing Studio and Yummy Chori, an Authentic Argentine On-Site Grill Catering concept in Florida  that she runs with her long time loving husband and mom of 2, Maggie & Leo.

For many years Bee Bop Buddies has been providing energizing musical classes, shows and presentations around Florida. Stacey leads group mommy & me live musical sessions, provides entertainment for Special Events and participates in early childhood seminars training educators and parents on using music as a powerful tool for education and communication at home and in the classroom!​

Stacey is the Co-creator of Pooki Dot’s New Friends, a musical Sing- A- Long Book, composer for many original children’s songs and writer and director of original musicals.